The Business of Tanning

When beauty seeks its emphasis from skin, it is even more important to ensure that quality is never compromised. Our supply chain of leather is strictly monitored. It goes through stringent quality procedures before being processed. Thus, ensuring that our clients are provided with nothing but the very best.

The parent company, Abdullah Tannery started with tannery operations. The manufacturing unit is equipped with state-of-the-art machines and equipment to produce high-quality leather. Conscious of the ever-changing requirements of the industry, our endeavour is to deliver on the expectations of our customers, in the shortest possible time.



1)buffalo and cow leathers
2)buffalo and cow linings
3)printed and non-printed leather

Both waterproof and non-waterproof leathers are produced in the tannery.

Printed leathers includes all the basic prints like Barton ,Dakota , Zuggrain amongst others.

Non-printed leathers include Waxy , Nubucks , full grain leathers amongst others.

All the leathers are produced as per DIN standards.

The company specialises in all types of cow & buffalo leathers. A special range of leathers, as per the current safety trend, sporty leathers for trekking boots is also being manufactured in the tannery.

The new trendy leathers in buffalo are:

An exclusive range of :

1)Buffalo Nubucks (both waterproof and non–waterproof)
2)Buffalo Pullup
3)Buffalo Crazy Horse
4)Buffalo Natural Grain
5)Buffalo Soft Nappa

A few more examples where we specialize are:

1)Cow Nubucks (3 hrs. water proof )
2)Cow Nappa

Company is exporting finished leathers to different parts of the world which includes Czech republic , China , United State of America , Italy, Jordan Spain , South Africa, Portugal , Turkey ,Germany , France & other parts of South – East Asia.
All Leathers are certified as per European norms.